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If you are planning to have a vacation or just looking for a place to relax and forget what is going on around you, then you ought to visit 5 Star Hotels in Zurich. Zurich is the best place as you can always find a luxurious hotel that is affordable and welcoming. When you decide to visit any 5 Star Hotels in Zurich you should be sure to have a home feeling, as they will take good care of your needs. Hotels in Zurich are located in places that are convenient to any traveler and are easily accessible. Below are short descriptions of some of the many 5 star Hotels in Zurich:

Alden Hotel Spluegenschloss
This hotel is located in a strategic place in the middle of Zurich City making it easily accessible to many. This is a hotel anyone would want to visit as it has everything that will make you feel comfortable. The rooms are well furnished with free internet access in each room plus many entertainment systems in all the 22 rooms. Apart from quality rooms and service, closer to it are parks, boutiques, and the lake where you can go for a walk among many other features. The hotel also has specific checking in and leaving time so you need to be aware of that. The price per room depends on the kind of rooms you want but the rates range from CHF 540-1,086 per single night you spend in this hotel.

Park Hyatt Zurich
This is another 5 star Hotel in Zurich, located in a convenient place, for any person visiting hotels in Zurich. The rooms are spectacular and give you a feeling of class and luxury something you do not want to miss. The rooms have free internet, phones with double lines and voicemail incase you are not around, plus others. The price for the accommodation per night ranges from CHF620 to CHF 1080. The hotel has 142 rooms all with wake-up calls, bathroom phones, coffee maker, and all entertainment equipment to keep you in the mood.

The Dolder Grand
The Dolder Grand hotel in Zurich is also a 5 star hotel that has 173 rooms that have all you need. The rooms are well decorated to class and they have comfortable beddings, sitting areas, bathroom television so you can watch what is going on, as you take your bath. The rooms are non-smoking zones with phones to use incase you have an issue or there is an emergency. The prices for parking are not included in the price for booking rooms or accommodation. Self parking will attract CHF 35 for a single night along with valet parking tax free. You will also be requested to pay a deposit of CHF 970 for a night. The price for accommodation is CHF536-862 for a single night you spend in this hotel.

Marriott Zurich Hotel
This is a very popular hotel in Zurich with 264 guest rooms that have modern amenities at a very affordable price of CHF220-550 per night.

Hotel Eden au Lac
This is also a 5 star hotel in Zurich with a total number of 50 spacious rooms at CHF352-645 for a night plus many others. You can always check on the rates and checking in time via the internet, to know which time suits you well. There are also online customer services incase you want to enquire about something about the hotels. The price for the hotels varies from one hotel to another and you can always get the exact rate per night when you are booking.

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