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From the chocolate factory to the rose gardens, to impressive art galleries and splendid museums, Zurich is certainly one of the world’s best holiday destinations. It offers an abundance of activities to undertake and places to see, all within a convenient radius. Unlike the high cost of vacations in most tourist destinations, cheap hotels in Zurich will give you both comfort and security during your stay at very competitive rates. The standard of service in these hotels will ensure you leave without regrets and get to save a bit of cash to enhance your holiday experience. Here is the list of cheap hotels in Zurich:

Hotel Villa Bacco
In the range of cheap hotels in Zurich, this one takes the prize. It is a 1-star guesthouse with a total of 9 rooms. Its small capacity makes for ideal service and privacy that can be found nowhere else. You will enjoy fine Italian cuisine at its restaurant and a choice between single and double rooms. Single rooms are charged at CHF 75 and the others at CHF 95 and all of them are equipped with satellite TV. The guesthouse is spacious and has beautiful gardens and terrace. It is located in Bulach, a quite town not far from Zurich.

Holiday Inn Zurich Messe
This hotel is rated 4-star and is conveniently located between the airport and the city center, 15 minutes from either one. It even allows the 4-legged members of the family in and takes in one child (under 12) free. The hotel has 164 rooms from which you can choose between an executive or standard, double room or twin room. It caters for almost all groups of people without discrimination – being accessible to the physically challenged, friendly to gay people and even providing facilities for smokers’ comfort. The price of rooms falls between CHF 136 – 209 depending on the specifications you require.

Hotel Rothaus
The 2-star hotel is one of the most convenient cheap hotels in Zurich, being a mere quarter of an hour walk from the train station. The price of rooms here ranges between CHF 125 and 174 for single, double or even triple rooms. If you happen to be on holiday with your family, you could take one of their reasonable offers for catering, for the young ones. You have the option of adding beds for a small fee, or sharing existing beds with kids under 6 for free. It has a total of 43 rooms and provides you with a safety deposit box for your valuables.

Hotel Limmathof
At about 300 yards from the train station, this two star hotel offers yet another very competitive package. It has a total of 50 rooms and offers you free Wi-Fi in all its public areas. The existence of a number of tourist attractions in its surroundings makes its location very suitable for you because it reduces tour charges; public transport is also available just outside the hotel. Its single and double rooms rang between CHF 125 and 178, a price inclusive of a sumptuous breakfast. It gives you a free pass for young ones under 2 and also takes in pets though at a small fee.

Hotel & Restaurant Bahnhof
This is another very suitable option in the range of cheap hotels in Zurich. It has 34 rooms, all equipped with free Wi-Fi and is located between two train stations and very close to the airport. Your room could be single, double or even a junior suite and will only set you back between CHF 100 – 200; charges which include a buffet breakfast. A child under 18 could also stay in your room at no extra charge and is given his own bed. The hotel also has a free shuttle bus service and will avail private parking for you at only CHF 10.

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