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Public transportation in Zurich is widely used by most of the people. It is estimated that 70% of the people who visit the city center use the bus or tram for transport and 50% of transportation in the municipality is public transport. Even though majority of travelers in Zurich own cars, they still enjoy using the good public transport system. In case you have not known of an efficient and time conscious public transportation system, then this one in Zurich will amaze you.

There are two self-service public transportation in Zurich: Greater Transport System Zurich (ZVV) and the Zurich Transportation Authority (VBZ). From as early as 5:30 am to midnight, the bus, tram and S-Bahn networks offer transportation services to travelers in Zurich. All the information that you may require is contained in a leaflet that is written in the English language. What is contained in the Ticketerias is the information that relates to the use of the ticket machines and is located at the train station and all bus/tram stops. You just only require a single ticket. In Zurich, fares are based on zones so you buy a pair of ticket for a zone you are visiting.

The validity period of the ticket you buy varies depending on the number of zones you buy. Before boarding a bus or tram, you must first buy a ticket and are obtained at any bus or tram stop and you get it from the automatic ticket machines. Before boarding the tram or bus, validation of the ticket needs to have been done because inspectors do not make random checks and if you travel with an invalidated ticket will land you a fine of 60 Swiss Francs.

If you want a taxi, you have to order them by making a phone call to the company concern. You may as well obtain a taxi at the taxi ranks, which are distributed throughout the city. It does not work to hail a taxi on the street. Taxi fares are normally metered and it comes with a tip. However, there are additional charges if you have your luggage, if it is carrying an extra passenger or for the waiting time. In Zurich, you can as well find the trains since it has one of the world’s most organized, punctual, fastest railway systems. There is the electrified system that reaches almost every corner of the entire country of Switzerland.

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