Situated in the Lindenhof quarter of Zurich near Bahnhofstrasse and Rennweg, Augustinergasse, which happens to be a street and a tram stop is one of the main attractions of Zurich. Augustinergasse connects bustling Bahnhofstrasse with the St. Peterhofstatt “oasis” in the picturesque Old Town.

This small street within the town of Zurich, lead from St. Peterhofstatt at the St. Peter church, passing the former Augustine monastery below the Lindenhof hill, towards the Kecinstürlin gate at the southern Fröschengraben moat during the middle ages.
In the medieval times, Augustinergasse used to be the hub of artisans and rich factory owners who took pride in decorating their house front. Now-a-days, the numerous carved wooden bay windows of these colourful houses lure the tourists. These houses display many colorfully painted oriel windows. Among other things, the oriels were a way to keep an eye on who came to the door and so they were never situated directly over the front door, but rather built just to the side. Also found in these narrow streets are tourist-oriented shops, coffeehouse’s and restaurants.

The Rennweg / Augustinergasse tram stop, on lines 6, 7, 11 and 13, is situated at the southern end towards Bahnhofstrasse. In the north it goes to the Münzplatz St. Peterhofstatt, at the site of the former monastery, now the Augustinerkirche church.

Some of the main hotels at and near Augustinergasse are:

Widder Restaurant
Rennweg 7
044 224 25 26

Hotel zum Storchen
Am Weinplatz 2
044 227 27 27

Hotel Kindli SA
Pfalzgasse 1
043 888 76 76

Baur au Lac Hotel
Talstrasse 1
044 220 50 20

Sorell Hotel Seidenhof
Sihlstrasse 9
044 228 75 00

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