The Centre Le Corbusier or Heidi Weber Museum is a sophisticated and state of the art museum aptly according to the name of legendary Swiss architect Le Corbusier for whom memory and works this museum is made. The museum in city of Zurich is dedicated to the work of the Swiss architect Le Corbusier. In year, 1960, the Heidi Weber came up with an idea to form a museum designed and developed by Le Corbusier. The purpose of the museum as conceptualized by Heidi was to show out and exhibit the works of the architect in an ideal environment. The building thus is situated at the shore of the Lake Zürich nearby Zürichhorn in the Seefeld quarter. One can reach the museum in span of 20 minutes while on his feet from Bellevue or by any mode of public transport.

The museum building is the last building designed by Le Corbusier and therefore he made an important change into the building while using enough concrete and stone as framed in steel and glass. Le Corbusier employed excessive use of prefabricated steel elements combined with multi-coloured enamelled plates fitted to the central core, and above the complex he therefore designed a ‘free-floating’ roof as to keep the house aptly protected from the rain and sun. For the construction of the museum in year 1960 Le Corbusier commissioned Heidi Weber, a Swiss art collector and patron, to design a public exhibition building. After a year the first blue print of the building as to be made in concrete was presented and in the year 1962, the concept was entirely transferred to be a steel building. The actual construction work began after two years. In year 1965 Le Corbusier died, there on July 15, 1967, the Centre Le Corbusier was inaugurated, officially.

In its architectural design the most noticeable section is its roof, which is consisted of two square parts and each, having the dimensions of 12 x 12 meters. Its entire ground surface measures as 12 x 26.3 meters as about 86 ft. It is made of the welded metal sheets and has a weight of around 40 tons. The roof was prefabricated and was transported to the site as in biggest possible units.  The structure has about two floors, one is the five single storied and one double storied rooms. In constructing the structure, about 20,000 bolts were employed and used. The museum in its totality, harmonizes the Le Corbusier’s architecture, sculptures, paintings, furniture designs and his writings that are therefore are listed as a Swiss heritage site of national importance.

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