The beautiful city of Zurich takes pride in its lake which is a heaven for sun bathers, boats and cyclists on a warm day. The lake offers a breathtaking view of the mountains far down South on a clear day.

Lake Zurich is located in the southwestern part of the canton of Zurich. To the east are two minor lakes Lake Greifen and Lake Pfäffikon. Zimmerberg and the Etzel regions lie to the west.

Lake Zurich is formed by the river Linth which rises in the glaciers of the Tödi Range in Glarus. The waters of the lake are very clean and during summer, the temperatures reach well beyond 20 °C. Swimming in the public baths and beaches is very popular. The lake’s water is purified and fed into Zurich’s water system.

Each side of the lake has something unique to offer. The Northern part of the lake touches the city of Zurich. On the Western side, a tree-lined promenade leads to the arboretum, which offers a beautiful expanse of magnolia trees and here, the sun seekers lounge and barbeque sausages in the large expanses of lawn.

The Eastern bank of Lake Zurich is flanked by a longer promenade which leads to the Zurichhorn park. This park has nature at its best with lawns for playing and lying on, bathing areas complete with water slides and changing rooms, an enclosed Chinese garden, a sand playground and the striking Heidi Weber pavilion. The end of the lake in the South to Rapperswil is ideal for a leisurely stroll along its wooden bridge over the water and a closer look at the mountains.


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