The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich or preferable said as the ETH Zürich (ETHZ) is an engineering, science and technology university in the City of Zurich. Similar to its associate institute École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), is an integral part of the ETH Domain that is directly works under the Federal Department of Home Affairs.

ETHZ has reputation being as one of the top ranked universities of the world and many a times are equated as equivalent to the   American M.I.T. As according to the focus and attentions that it pays to the leading research and academic excellence, it is ranked globally as a 7th best university in Engineering, Science and Technology. 21 Nobel Prizes have been given to students or professors that passed out or taught at this institute. The most notable is the Albert Einstein in 1921, and the most recent is F. Heck in 2010. It is also a pioneering member of the IDEA League and the International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU).

It is a member of Top Industrial Managers for Europe network. The college came into the existence as of the effort from the Swiss Federal Government in 1854 as with straight off objective of teaching engineers and scientist, served as a national center of excellence in science and technology to give a hub as an interaction between the scientific community and industry. Initially started as schools it open this door in 1855 as a polytechnic institute at start it had the six departments comprising architecture, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, chemistry, forestry, and a catch-all department for mathematics, natural sciences, literature, and social and political sciences. It is sill known as Poly the name derived from its original name Eidgenössisches Polytechnikum “Federal Polytechnic Institute”.

In structure ETH is a federal institute in comparison to the University of Zurich that is a cantonal institution. In 1909, the course program of ETH was modified as according to the norms of a real university, from its early, very schoolish agenda, and ETH had the right to offer away doctorates. In 1911, it was provides its current name, Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule. In 1924, reorganization formed the university in about 12 departments. At present, the university has 16 departments. ETH is not selective in its undergraduate admission procedures. It has like any other public university in Switzerland, is bounded to give admission to every Swiss citizen who took the Matura. The university is also open for foreign students as well having the certain qualifications like as A-Levels with GCSE, but with the specific combinations and nurtures. At under graduate level the learning is given in German while English is the language of teaching at Master’s and graduate studies.

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