The present day Zurich presently stretches outside the natural limits of the hills and stretches beyond the limits of hills and even includes some neighboring as in the Northeast in the Glatt Valley (German: Glattal) and to the north in the Limmat Valley (German: Limmattal). The Limmat Valley is a river valley and a region in the cantons of Zürich and Aargau in Switzerland.

Limmat is a long river that is situated in the cantons of Zürich (ZH) and Aargau (AG). Limmat is extension of the Linth river, and gets renamed as from the point of emergence from Lake Zürich, in the city of Zürich, further on it flows in northwesterly direction towards the Aare river. The confluence, there is located at northeast of the small town of Brugg (AG), at a short distance as in continuation of the Reuss river, and just before the Aare it joins the Rhine. The confluence there of three rivers Aare, Reuss and Limmat is referred to be Wasserschloss.

In 1930, the government of the canton of Zurich has developed the remains of the original Limmat riverside meadows and floodplains there near Dietikon under the forest and natural wealth preservation scheme. Again in 2005, the floodplains Dietiker Schachen close to Wettingen accommodate about 150 plant species and rare species like as common Kingfisher, Little Ringed Plover and Grass Snake. The economical Region Limmatal is consisted of other communities in the districts of Dietikon (ZH) and Baden (AG), the cities and municipalities of Zürich, Oberengstringen, Unterengstringen, Schlieren, Weiningen, Urdorf, Dietikon, Bergdietikon, Geroldswil, Oetwil, Spreitenbach (AG), Würenlos, Killwangen, Neuenhof, Wettingen, Baden, Ennetbaden, Obersiggenthal, Untersiggenthal and Turgi. The region of Limmat is well populated due to its location close to the nearby city of Zurich. There has developed a state of the art infrastructure, growing economics and well attractive residential area.

The Glatt Valley is an area and a river valley in the canton of Zürich in Switzerland. The name Glatt has originated from the lesser affluent to the Rhine River in the Unterland of the canton of Zurich. The river is about 38.5 kilometers long and it flows from the Greifensee by its river valley, it is being discharged into the Rhine by Rheinsfelden. The region under the valley of Glattal is consisted of the communities in district of Uster, Dielsdorf and Bülach. It also includes the suburban cities and municipalities of Bassersdorf, Bülach, Dietlikon, Dübendorf, Fällanden, Glattfelden, Höri, Kloten, Oberglatt, Opfikon-Glattbrugg, Rümlang, Schwerzenbach, Wallisellen and Wangen-Brüttisellen. The Glatt Valley is intensively is populated due to the good location, Zurich Airport, excellent infrastructure, growing economics and attractive residential slot.

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