Zurich abounds in greenery owing to its varied and great collection of public parks and large gardens. Those green patches which lie around the lower side of Lake Zurich appeal more to the public as they can enjoy the summer months here with picnics, boat ride or a ferry trip across the lake. Here are some of the parks worth visiting in Zurich:

CH-8008, Switzerland, CH
Located close to the central Zurich and standing alongside the lake of Zurich, the garden appeals to the visitors for its Chinese Gardens and eye-catching sculptures. The park also takes pride in its outdoor swimming pool, fish-filled ponds, bridges, lanterns, ornate pavilions, and maples.

Sculpture Gardens
Zur Weinrebe, Zurich, CH-8953, Switzerland, CH
This park is unique in itself owing to its host of fun animal sculptures which can be touched, climbed and clicked by the tourists. It is open from May to October and on Saturdays from14:00 to 16:00.

Bäcker Park
Hohlstrasse 67, Zurich, CH-8004, Switzerland, CH
Although positioned in Central Zurich, this is a peaceful spot where tourists can enjoy greenery, stroll along the many pathways, have a meal at the onsite restaurant, and even enjoy a summer concert.

Irchelstrasse, Zurich, CH-8057, Switzerland, CH
Popular among the visitors for the ducks in the pond which can be fed, the park stands within the district of Kreis 6. The park features enough greenery and open space for children to play. You can also enjoy refreshments at the cafe.

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