The old Botanical Garden Zürich is a botanical garden and arboretum in Zürich, Switzerland. However, officially, there are about two botanical gardens as ranging to the University of Zurich. In 1977, there open a new facilities at Zollikerstrasse in Weinegg quarter (district 8), and there so named Botanical garden at the former «zur Katz» bastion in City quarter near to Sihlporte. The existence of the first botanical garden was based upon the Conrad Gessner’s private herbarium. Gessner descendant, physician and naturalist Johannes Gessner established in 1746 Zürich’s first botanical garden, in coordination with botanical society. In 1833, the Canton of Zurich changed this first location at Schimmelgut as the University of Zurich was founded. The new garden was designed by the University’s gardener Leopold Karl Theodor Fröbel. In 1851, it’s a greenhouse was started there as it was made up of the glass and wood. In 1877, the octagonal glass pavilion of the garden was fixed with an iron frame. Presently, the pavilion is used for concerts, theater and exhibitions.

The terrain of the garden was restricted by structures and buildings surrounding it even from outside as well. In the second half of the 20th century, an urgently needed expansion for the garden was preventive as it was surrounded with skyscrapers from outside.  As Botanical buildings were in bad shape, therefore, the administration there decided to move from the city center to Zürich’s periphery, as there was an ample place and spot to expand there. In 1971, the old park of Bodmer-Abegg family was found and in 1976, the new botanical garden was opened in Weinegg quarter. Facilities as stared from 1851 to 1976 to be restored. The Botanical Garden of the University of Zurich, since 1976 it’s a recreation area and location of the Völkerkundemuseum of the University of Zürich, site of an arboretum and thus is named as Gessner-Garten.

Another garden as on the Gessner-Garten on the hilltop, is a medieval herb garden, and resembles to Conrad Gessner. There at the highest point of the former ramparts, the southern gun bastion of the Fortifications of Zürich is located. The fortication’s guns were used to be named as Katz. Operational since May 27, 1997, the garden was constructed by horticultural companies and financed by the Pro Katz foundation.  At the northern side o f the herb garden, one can find the Conrad Gessner memorial. The Gessner garden exhibits about 50 medicinal plants as employed by 16th century’s healers. Each plant is named after the names of healer as Cynara cardunculus, Potentilla erecta, Linum usitatissimum, Paeonia officinalis, Silybum marianum, Juniperus communis, Fragaria vesca, and others.

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