Situated in Switzerland’s largest city, Zurich, the Swiss National Museum is one of the most important museums of art in the whole of Europe.

The museum lies in Zurich’s old city district and the museum is the most major part of its heritage. Its tall towers are seen from far and the beautiful park built on an island between the rivers Sihl and Limmat is a nice place to take an evening stroll.

The architect Gustav Gull built the museum’s building in a historicist fashion in 1898. Its façade is fascinating and resembles the French chateaus of the French Renaissance period.

The exhibition displays art from prehistory through ancient times and the Middle Ages to the 20th century. However paintings are not the only art products present here. The display also features a comprehensive collection of liturgical wooden sculptures, panel paintings, gothic art, chivalry and carved altars. The Swiss collector René Braginsky has accrued one of the most amazing collections of Hebrew documents in the entire world and that too is up on display.

A fantastic porcelain and faience collection is also there in Zunfthaus zur Meisen near Fraumünster church. Trips along the Limmat River through the city of Zürich are also available at the Swiss National Museum.

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